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Anniversary Speed Graphic 4x5 #289213, Kodak Ektar f/4.7 127mm lens, Supermatic Shutter, Focusing Ground Glass Back Rangefinder In good condition. $185.; J. L. Doksansky, 310 East 16th, Fremont, NE 68025

Olympus OM2S Program, $275; OM2N w/flash shoe, $200; OM4T Black, I.B., Box, $490; Olympus Zuiko lenses: 50mm f/1.8, $50; 50mm f/3.5 Macro, $275; 85mm f/2, $235; 200mm f/4, $140; 75-150mm f/4, $120; 28mm f/2.8, $145; DeJur 135mm f/2.8, New in box, $65; T-32 Flash, $120; F-280 Flash, New in box, $150; Allyn, 503-297-6864 (Oregon)

NIKON ACCESSORIES, Kodak Leather Cases, Russian made German logo cameras, AS IS Cameras, Miranda Wide-angle lens, Canon DIAL 35 overhauled; Send SASE to KOYO OKADA, P.O. Box 2074, Sierra Vista, AZ 85636.

Fuji S1 Digital Camera. Immaculate. Used very little. Includes all factory accessories except memory card. Never used outdoors. $1000 or best offer. Fred Fiddelke, 1401 E. 7th St., Atlantic, IA 50022; 712-243-5512 daytime.

Anniversary Speed Graphic 4x5 #245979 with Anastigmatic Kodak f/4.5 5½inch lens, Compur Shutter, Focusing Ground Glass Back Rangefinder Recently Serviced. $195.; J. L. Doksansky, 310 East 16th, Fremont, NE 68025

2 Wooden Tripods: 1) Folmer Graflex Corp. Crown Tripod #1 with Heavy Duty Metal Tilt & Swing Head, Exc. Cond.; 2) Wood Tripod 4½ wood disc top, good condition, Both for $75.00 plus $15.00 S/H; Ernie Gregory, 601 S. Center St. #27, Flandreau, SD 57028

Mamiya C33 Twin Lens Reflex, waist level finder, 80mm chrome lens, top bellows as a little hole (patched and light tight), plus prism finder (fits C330 also), $175; Gripholder for C33, $10.00; Gripholder for C330, $15; Mamiya Focusing Screen No.2 (rangefinder Spot) for C330, $10.00; 135mm f/4.5 Lens and Shutter (needs cleaning and adjusting, works on high speeds), $150; 105mm f/3.5 Lens & Shutter, $125; C330 Instruction Manual, $5.00; C330 Parts book and manual, $10.00; Elevator Tripod with Tilt/Pan head, $35.00 or take everything in this ad for $500. (Add for postage) Ernie Gregory, 601 S. Center St. #27, Flandreau, SD 57028

Tokina 24mm lens, 1:2.8, takes 52mm filter, $50; Cambron 500mm lens, 1:8, Reflex, takes 67mm filters, $190; Polaroid Spectra Camera, $20; Call Bill, 712-336-1104 and leave message.

Cut Film Holders, Etc. - 2– 5x7 Seneca, adjustable plate holders for Seneca Century Premo with Dark Slides—$20; 5x7 Cut Film Holders (Minimum of 5) 11 for $50; 1– 4x5 Graphic Film Holder Type 5 (with darkslides), 1– Graphic 4x5 Film Pack Adapter with slide, both for $20.00; 1– 2x3 Film Pack Adapter w/slide, 5– 2¼x3¼ Lisco Cut Film Holders w/slides, All for $30.00; 2– 8x10 Century Plate Holders w/8x10 metal inserts, with curtain shutter (1 stuck closed), Both for $25; 5– 8x10 Metal Film Sheaths (for cut film), all for $25.00; 6– 7x11 Wood cut film holders, all for $50.00; 3– 8x10 Cut Film holders (1 needs repair on end), all for $25.00; 1– Weston PR Meter, $10.00; GE Meter Type DW w/case, $10.00; GE Meter Model 80W-58-Y4, $10.00; Kodak 1972 Olympic Game Camera Bag (for Instamatic– Red, White & Blue, $15.00; Kodak Lapel Pins– Mickey Mouse nad Friends, 1989-90 Pin Collection– 3– Mickey Mouse, 2– Minnie Mouse, 1– Donald Duck, 1– Goofy, all for $35.00; (Add for postage) Ernie Gregory, 601 S. Center St. #27, Flandreau, SD 57028; Phone– 605-997-2147

Ricoh Cameras and accessories: TLS401 body, Vivitar 35mm f/2.8, 135mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.7, 2x and 3x teleconverters, extension tubes, microscope adapter, Pentax Bellows, Slide Copier, Honeywell Ringlight, 110v Power Supply. $200 OBO plus shipping. Sam Bear, 791 Locust St., Washington, PA 15301; (724)-250-7246 evenings.

Contax Bodies: RX, $585, RTS-III, $975; RTS-II, $425; RTS w/winder, $326; 159MM, $225; 139, $185; W6 Motor Drive, $265; Call for lens list; Nikon F2-AS (Black) with 50mm f/1.4 AI, and MD2/MB1 Motor Drive, $900. All near mint. Allyn, 503-297-6864


Deen Fine Art B&W Professional Laboratory, 1703 East-West Highway, Suite 419, Silver Spring, MD 20910-3030; Phone- 301-588-2589; Email- *Processing *Proofing *Printing *Toning - Resin & Fiber Custom Prints - Wallets to 20x24 inches; 25 Years Experience - quick turn around. Write, email or call for price list. (03/31/03)


Buying Elmo Movie (Sound or Silent) projectors, running or not. IJM, 818-894-6661 (TFN)